8-Year Valve Added Warranty

The Heat Pump Group NZ are the only heat pump installers in New Zealand to offer it’s customers the incredible 8-Year Value Added Warranty on your new Fujitsu eat pump install. This is great piece of mind for you in the event of something happening to your heat pump after Fujitsu’s 6-Year Warranty runs out and knowing that your new Heat Pump has been matched perfectly to your individual heating and cooling requirements, and
installed by qualified professionals.

Talk to your local HPG Member about these great Warranties for your Fujitsu heat pump install. HPG companies are New Zealand’s heat pump professionals – ensuring that you benefit from the highest quality
installations, friendly support and trained technicians to keep you enjoying the comfort of effortless heating for many
years to come.

The 8-Year Value Added Warranty is available for most heat pump models and sizes and your local HPG member can let you know if the warranty is available to you and what the associated cost is.

For more details on the HPG 8-Year Value Added Warranty, see here